A cuppa Joe*,
a good cap,
morning sun on your back**
sounds of the city
and someone to pal around with
and not correct you for improperly using prepositional phrases and such.
As the Utah Saints said in the only good song they ever wrote:
there's gotta be something good about today.
Find it.
smile emoticon
*or something hot non-caffeinated
**or face, depending on which way you're facing, or if you're in Australia

Powell's Books
There's a lot to grumble about in the world.
And I totally love grumbling.
It feels good,
like you're doing everyone a favor by noticing all the things not right.
Some places are really hard to grumble in.
Which means you have to work at it.
No couches?
No lemonade on tap? What's with the harsh light?!
If you're willing to work hard though, and really
take time away from doing something fun, then it's definitely possible to find something worth grumbling about.
The value of hard work.
Don't give up.
Just because you think you're happy,
doesn't mean you should be.
So look around.
There is probably something wrong.
You might have to work hard to find it.
Depending on where you are.
You can do it.
Happy* Mondays, universe smile emoticon
*unless you're working**
**see above

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