A time to look up:
cumulonimbus clouds, jets, possibly aliens, butterflies, whirling planets, massive trees, snoozing stars, runaway balloons, rain, blimps, eagles & vultures, skydivers.

A time to look around:
people, food carts, possibly a clown, unicyclists, record stores, newspaper stands, mid-sized animals, bicycle racks doubling as urban jungle gyms, music posters.

And a time to look down:
bugs, insects, possible gigantic snakes, A. Lincoln and John Adamses coinage, robot building peripherals, cool sticks, interesting designs, mud puddle reflections.

Happy Mondays, universe :)

*can anybody besides Jonny Long​ tell me where in Portland this is? If you guess correctly, then you will win something.**

**the internal satisfaction of knowing you won something on a Monday.

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