In the furthest recesses of my memory,
I try to recall,
or imagine,
a world in which we had no children to assist with household chores.
But it is too challenging,
and the thought of going back to that world;
a world in which the adults had to do all the work ourselves,
is simply too horrid to dwell on.
Thank goodness for enthusiastic work ethics,
good shop vacs, and extra-safe safety accessories.

Do you want to see my really serious expression?
he asked.
I said.

And then finish landscaping really quick. Almost there.

The Reader.

I'd like to think I have a decent music sensibility, and a relatively alive cultural awareness, but I also hope I'm the kind of person who never stops getting goosebumps when Phil Collins comes on singing "You'll Be in My Heart."

Jonny Long, I know you know what I mean.

Phil Collins
You'll Be in My Heart
Tarzan soundtrack

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