Of course they should learn mathematics and placeholders and zeroes,
but also the heroine's journey, three-act structure, and a bit about superheroes.

Of course they need to learn about Lincoln, Anthony and Margaret Meade,
but also to write like Silverstein, rhyme like Seuss, and plant like Appleseed.

Of course they oughta nail those ABCs,
but more important, get lotsa dirt on their knees.

Of course they'll learn about Newton, Curie, Galileo,
but also how to get along, be kind, and politely say No.

Of course they'll learn about cells and photosynthesis and motion,
but also to throw a ball, take a fall, and study the ocean.

Of course they'll learn the theory of 12-note scales and harmonics and a sense of rhythm more than their dad,
but also the genius of Bird, to be light on the feet, and how to sing louder than dad.

Of course they'll learn to take tests and sit straight and know the Great Lakes,
but also to mix smoothies and slurp shakes and perfect the making of corn pancakes.

Of course they'll figure out how the Romans ripped off the Greeks, and note the idiocy of so many wars, and memorize the Ages of Silicon, Iron, Bronze, and Stones,
but also absorb the importance of building on what has come before and making it better, constantly asking questions, and embracing why Beatles trump Stones.

Of course they'll learn the skeletal system and healthy diet and looking after themself,
but also to run fast, hike hard, and intelligently discuss Elf.

Of course they really should get those sentence diagrams down,
and the names of all the African countries, and the phylums of every South American lifeform, and remember that two plus two usually equals four...
...but also to maybe question whether there is a conceivable universe or exception where two + two equals...more than four. Four plus more.

Maybe every day, every single day,
should have lots and lots...
...of play.

Play hard, universe.
If you're really big,
or really little,
or in between,

And listen to some good tunes while you're at it.

À bientôt.

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