December 11th. In which the day rolls along, like every day does. And like most days, there are good things to remember and maybe not so delightful things to remember. Days of inspiration, productivity, and serendipitous happenings, and days of discouragement, falling behind, and stuff just not working out. One of the great things about Love is being able to not just enjoy all the good times together, but come together at the end of drearier days and find some tiny moments to turn into memories. Like your kids drawing analogies to you and the Grinch, with the full tacit and grinning support of your wife. Or your daughter sleepily whispering "thanks for being such a wonderful daddy" before she nods off. Or finding that envelope with $26 cash you thought fell out of your pocket last week. Or knowing that now that the kids are asleep, maybe you can watch the series finale of Dexter. Aah, Holiday season, you bring out the best and worst...but at the end of the day, I hope it's my best that wins out and gets remembered. Family, including the two in this photo without Instagram accounts: I love you. Thanks for liking me, even on days where I may be more reminiscent of the Grinch than Saint Nick. Mazel tov, world. Go to bed on a strong note. :) ____ #longx4 #longholiday2014 #long2014

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