ROCK THE VOTE, AND, A PERFORMANCE: Lanessa "Nel cor piu non mi sento (from La Molinara)

I'm really proud of myself for voting! Again! I feel pretty good - I think I got a bunch of them right (or rather, correct), but then again, I felt good about that one calculus test in college that didn't turn out so well. I handed my ballot over, and just like previous years, they don't take credit cards. She did give me a big smile and a sticker, so I think she suspected I did exceptionally well. Cross your fingers; we'll find out soon! If you feel like giving it a try, there's some good deals on it for the next few hours, so it might be worth it. 

Every vote doesn't necessarily count, because some of them get tossed out for poor penpeopleship or misattention to directions or simply poor choices, but you never know: yours could be the one that counts, like those old firing squads where only one rifle was actually loaded. So go vote now! The future is you. Or, it might be.

Happy right to vote, peeps. If you don't make it count, someone else will (passive-aggressive guilting strategy with a hint of paranoia).

screen capture video from Lanessa's vocal recital at CalArts. Beautiful, Sister!

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