We all have our blind spots as parents. I realised recently that our daughter is seven and has never seen Toy Story. Sometimes I just feel overwhelmed with all the opportunities I have thoughtlessly not provided for our children, like being able to to say "I watched the Toy Story trilogy when I was two."

As Orville Wright said when they flew to Bern to observe the Swiss manufacturing process : "time flies." Which, according to my understanding of quantum physics, it both does and doesn't do. But however it works, the time does travel quickly, and today it's Buzz Lightyear, tomorrow Indy Jones, and next week it's Van Damme marathon before their high school graduations. Time. Anyway, also makes me think of the best sequel I've seen this year: Muppets Most Wanted. Tina Fey inarguably turns in arguably one of the top one hundred performances I have ever seen of a Russian Gulag Commandant Played by a Woman Who Also Sings.

A gem. Seriously fun, ridiculously funny, and the best ongoing cameos of any film this year. Now, onto infinity!

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