QUESTION: John Denver or James Taylor?

Raleigh Clough JT every time!
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Matt Nutter Jim Croce
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Joseph Long There are two options. Talking to you, Matt. 
Neither would be in my top listening choices, but I do have a strong preference for one over the other 
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Joseph Long ...and Matt, feel free to go with Jim when it's him or Yusuf Islam.
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J Matthew McKern James Taylor. No contest.
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Holly Irland Dovich James Taylor.
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Jaimy Oettel Hill I've always been a jOhn Denver fan!
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Troy Scholz That's s a tough one! I love the Scotsman song that John Denver did, but I also love me some Steamroller Blues by James Taylor 
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John Jutzy JT!
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Joseph Long I want to like James Taylor, but honestly, he's one of those musical sacred cows that I'm still not a big fan of - my experience with both fellows is mainly through their 'big hits,' as opposed to digging deep into their catalogs, but if I was to listen to JT's classics (not Timberlake) versus JD's...I'd go Rocky Mountain Montana Skies for sure.

James definitely takes the cool cat credentials though. And if anybody can give a couple track recommendations beyond his hits that might evolve my thoughts of him...let me know. Glad to have my opinion changed 
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Holly Irland Dovich I love Frozen Man by JT.
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J Matthew McKern You may be right, Joseph, but in this case he benefits from the competition.
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Joseph Long Thanks Holly - I will take a listen or two 
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Holly Irland Dovich Let me know what you think...
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Joseph Long J Matthew McKern C'mon, that's mean!  JD may have had a quadruple dose of over-sincere earnestness and I probably wouldn't ever have him in my Top Dinner Guest picks, but the guy had his musical moments! 

But yeah, I'm not gonna defend either one too vociferously. I'll save my aggressive defenses for anyone speaking ill of Neil Diamond...
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J Matthew McKern Ba Ba Ba
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Raleigh Clough This is a more obscure track JT did a few years back that I really like for quiet times. 


The Prayer Cycle: Movement V - Grace
Father won't you carry me For the oceans wide Father won't you carry me For my boat is so small. Father on a moonless...
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Jeffrey Townsend I can't believe this is even a discussion! JT is a gifted artist with SO much to say! "Never Die Young!" I'll have to try to find an interview with him that was shot for a laserdisc (!) of him and his band prepping an album and tour in a barn on Martha's Vineyard...
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Joy Muth Fackenthall That's an impossible choice!
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Joseph Long Jeffrey, I would like to see the interview...but I already think he's a cool cat with a good vibe. The lore and legend surrounding him is inescapable evidence of his genuine hipness and likeability. He's an icon, a sacred cow! He's been on The Simpsons...See More
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Joseph Long *Beatles
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Lee Long
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Lee Long John Denver: I like playing some of his stuff in head sometimes. I don't dislike JR, maybe it's just that I heard him swear on a movie once. I'm pretty sensitive to that kind of thing.
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