There are few works I enjoy re-reading (i.e. reading again, and again) than the short fiction and essays of Jorges Luis Borges, with its narrative möbius loops and inimitable worlds-within-worlds constructions and his fascination with dreams, enigmas, paradox, space, and infinity. For me, his writings are a paradigm-bending balance of entertainment and intellectual challenge. I'm not legally recommending his Labyrinths: Selected Stories & Other Writings because I cannot in good conscience recommend something I understand so little of. But, if you like to get deliberately lost in superb short literary fiction and you have somehow overlooked this incredible, original Argentine writer and his absurdist metaphysical tales concerning illusion and reality...then you might not find a half hour of your life wasted to try him out.

Happy last day of October 2014, world. This exact day on this exact year will, in most realities, never occur again. But technically, I'm not a scientist.

I don't party much anymore, but when I party, I party hard. Here with some of my fave party peeps (I'm on the left) and enough cookies to make an elf fall into a coma.
"Love you!"
they called as we left.
And I love them too.

P-cred: @countessbecca

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