1. The 1952 Ray Bradbury short story A Sound of Thunder; the time travel tale famous for giving rise to the phrase Butterfly Effect. Man goes back in time to hunt a dinosaur with strict instructions to disturb ABSOLUTELY NOTHING, lest the ripple effects of any minute alterations change the future... Poetic, terrifying, and despite a million iterations and spinoffs since, still packs a wallop.

2. James.
(Incomplete sentence example:) That idea that most people tend to eventually default to the music they loved in high school. James was a bridge for me between that and college; their Britrocky melodies and strong production flirting with commercial success. Bandleader Tim Booth has one of my favourite male voices and their latest album, La petit mort, is a gem; showcasing his gorgeous voice with a dime's worth of beautifully crafted anthem ready rockers that manage to still sound intimate. Reminiscent of some of U2's better work with Brian Eno and Daniel Lanois. Some stunning tracks.
Current faves are Moving On and Frozen Britain.

3. The cashiers at Grocery Outlet. So friendly and positive.

How's your day going?
I asked the 50ish woman.

Oh, I'm always good working here!
she exclaimed.
I love it here. Best job I've ever had.
I'm serious! I get here and it gets so busy that when I look at the time it's almost time for me to go home!

Right on.
I said.
Well, I'm going home now.

4. A YouTube video of this guy rattling off 35 different accents in five minutes. I want to get good at doing a bunch of accents, but I don't know, I may focus on learning to juggle instead.

5a. My wife getting up super early this morning on a morning she didn't have to be up early and making me lunch to go. I didn't actually wait until lunch because I got hungry.
Delicious burger...maybe next time I'm hoping she'll get up in enough time to make me TWO.

5b. My daughter waiting for me in our driveway to return home; rain coming down, big smile, massive hug that lit up the mountain.

5c. My son drawing an illustration of the Biblical tale of Abraham and Isaac in which a rescue helicopter comes to save Isaac from his father's sword, but unfortunately it arrives too late...not a happy ending.

His version.

On that note, happy midweek, all.

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