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Reading anything good this week?
I asked the bookstore clerk.

Let's see...
he said.
Not really. Just read The Accident. I don't recommend it though. It's very sad.

I said.
It sounds sad.

he continued.
I'm reading Herman Hess. And...I just finally read Steinbeck's King Arthur!

I said.
I devoured every Arthurian story and book I could get ahold of when I was younger. And now it sounds like a big screen adaptation is in the works.

I don't know about that.
he said
Those don't usually work out very well.

I said.
Sounds like it could be a six-film or so deal, but it sounds like there could be some decent people involved. They're looking to cast Charlie what's-his-face, the main guy from Sons of Anarchy.

Well, it might be alright then.
he said.

Yeah, maybe.
I said.
Sons of Anarchy is too violent for my taste.

I will definitely try out anything King Arthur though.

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