Have a restful weekend.

But don't rest too easy.

There's still 10,000 mountains to climb,

and the hills are alive with the sound.

This is the 21st century. Which seems obvious. Another thing that seems obvious is that in societies with running water, a person ought to wash hands after exiting a bathroom stall. Yet the frequency I see people NOT doing this is rather astounding. To me, the specifics of what happened inside that stall are irrelevant: if you were in there, and you come out, then, provided there is some sort of running water and ideally some kind of soap...you ought to wash your hands.

Are there regional or cultural explanations on any level?

I don't get it. What is there not to get? Is there some sort of public education breakdown? I'm not in favor of bathroom police checkpoints ensuring everyone exits with clean hands, so on the one level, sure, it's a personal preference...but a personal preference along the lines of those states who have laws where 14-year old girls can get married with parental consent: it may technically be within the bounds of the law, but it's still wrong.*

Not to get overly...smug here, but I rarely ever get sick. For three main reasons. One of those reasons being that I wash my hands when needed. I'm not a germophobe; I just like to have some level of independence and control over what germs are hanging out on me.

Anyway. Enlighten me. Happy Friday

(Do not sidetrack this into a tangent about the overuse of hand sanitizer and our diluted immune systems. That is a different conversation.)

*This may not be technically accurate, but the analogy fit my purposes for the moment. I think the age might be 16 now.

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