TRIBUTE: Jonny & Meilani.

You two are like the wind beneath the wings of the world, except the world doesn't have wings. The world is held up by science, not wings. But if it had wings, you two would be like a hurricane - a gentle, ferocious, kind one - holding the world aloft, and occasionally hiccuping it around like Atlas. Except the world is not held up by Atlas either, and a wind in conjunction with wings would probably be too much for him to deal with. But if it was possible for the world to be held up by wings, and it wasn't too dangerous for there to be a strong yet cautious wind underneath those wings, then I would definitely think of the two of you as being the wind that would provide a breeze beneath those wings, which would certainly make the task of holding the world aloft with only wings a lot more comfortable, especially if the temperature was soaring, because a wind is nice when it's hot; it is important to be careful of thermal collisions that can happen with the wrong combination of heat and high winds, but overall I think it's possible to have a wind that could be very beneficial to the wings of the world, and if the world did have wings (it doesn't) then you two would be my choice to be it; given that you're humans and not wings (or wind; a fact I am glad for) I still feel that your presence in the world is a beneficial one, and one for which I personally am thankful for, like a cool wind on a hot day; I would caution however, about being a bitter wind on a cold day, or even a warm breeze on a hot day, as that can negate the positive aspects of having wind beneath your wings.

You are a sort of wind beneath our wings of the world (this is not completely literal; see above). Some birds cannot fly, but if they tried harder (or had the right wind) they probably could. And I would imagine if anybody could be the wind that would lift an ostrich into flight (or even the world) it would be the two of you. Thank you for being windy. Love you both, Meilani and Jonny. You're like the wind (see above).




Go big or go home.
Unless you're already at home.
Then you can do both.
But you should probably go somewhere else away from home too,
because it's good to get out and travel.
I hear the bungee jumping is good in South Africa.

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