INDEPENDENCE, PT. 1. / Flags of Freedom.
Well, today's the day the flags on Main Street are blowing in the wind, and I listen to Neil Young (see above) and know that I am surrounded by those who will stand by me.
(Note how I just sneakily crammed the titles of three five-star songs in there)
And our son stomps around in his faux-British accent and wood sword with duct tape with orange Crocs on backwards. This here's what America's all about. Happy happy, all.

How many GOOD SONGS can you think of with titles that include the words:
: freedom, independence, fight
(Not that those are the defining words of today; they just get used a lot)
They can be variations (e.g. free, independent, fought)

They do have to be of sound quality.

The pen is mightier than the spear,
but a good stick 
can write huge messages in the sand that 
aliens will able to read from light years away.
The power of thinking big.

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