CONVERSATIONS: surprise, California, besties.

How was your 4th?
I asked the barista.

Oh, good.
she said.
I had the day off, so I just hung out with some friends and drank wine. It was good.

Right on.
I said.
So, anything to look forward to after the holiday?

She smiled big.
Actually, yes! I'm going down to California this week to surprise my best friend!

I said.
So...does she have time off, or how will that work?

she said.
Her sisters are in on it, so they had her take time off from work. She thinks she's just going away for the weekend, but...I'm going to surprise her!

That is so rad,
I said.

she said.
Have a safe trip wherever you're going!

Thank you,
I said.
I am not going to Santa Cruz now, but I will have fun driving.

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