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That's a cool name.
I said to the girl behind the bagel counter.
Kess. What's the background on that?

Kinda funny,
she said, laughing.
My parents' names are Ken and Bess, so they were thinking about combining both their names, and THEN they realized that it was also similar to Kes off Star Trek
- they are MAJOR Star Trek nerds - and that was it. So, that's how I got my name.

That is such a great backstory.
I said.
So are you a Star Trek fan?

she said.
My parents always sit me down and try to get me into it, but I don't really get all of it. I'm not into it like they are. They've done a pretty job with the movies though, in spite of J.J. Abrams.

You're not a J.J. Abrams fan?
I asked.

No, not really.
she said.
I mean, he's talented and everything, but I was hoping they'd get somebody who was really, you know, out there, and open to all possibilities. He kind of comes from the Disney universe where you gotta do things a certain way and everything has to have a certain feel, you know?

Not completely....
I said.

And I so wanted to continue the conversation, but the line behind was building up. In another universe, in another time, the dialogue shall continue. Way cool name, Kess.

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