CONVERSATIONS: mystery concerts, travel, new york.

I'm sorry if I sound a little hyper this morning!
the customer service rep told me over the phone.
I'm just really excited 'cause I just won concert tickets in a contest!

I said.
You do sound very happy! What concert?

It's, umm, Lady Gaga. I don't really know her music. But I won three tickets and free parking to her show tonight.

I said.
You are in for a good time!

she said.
I just gave them away to one of my co-workers. He's a nice guy and he's gonna take his wife and someone else.

Oh. My. Goodness.
I said.
You GAVE AWAY your tickets?

she said proudly. All three of them. And they're luxury box seats.

I said.
You are one cool person. I hope they are appropriately appreciative.

she said.
I don't really know her music, and what I'm really into is travel, and I know they'll really enjoy it.

I said.
Any trips coming up?

she said.
Next week I'm going to New Orleans, and then in September we're going to Puerto Rico, and then to the Dominican Republic in November, and somewhere in there I'm hoping to sneak in Vegas. That's what I'm into. All my extra money goes into traveling.

I said.
is really neat. Have a great time, and I hope a lot of good things happen to you in the near future.

Thank you!
she said.

And then she helped me with the boring phone stuff I called about in the first place.

(if you check out the going price of tickets at First Niagara Center in Buffalo, New York for Lady Gaga's show tonight, you will begin to comprehend just how generous this gift was that she passed along. pretty cool. be nice to the customer service people today )

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