CONVERSATIONS. Costco, holiday, gold watch.

(I frequently choose my checkout line based on which employee appears to be A) the most cheerful or B) the most interesting at the moment. If it's a tossup, Option B has the slight edge.)

I said.
Here you go,
as I placed my membership card on the counter.

he said briskly, in a manner which led me to believe he was either A) extremely efficient or B) having a not-so-good day and trying to shovel his irritation into aggressively scanning my items.

How's your day going?
I asked.

he said briskly.
It's just fine.

I said.
Is Costco a good company to work for?

He stopped his brisk scanning to look at me directly:
Thirty-one years.
he said.
Thirty-one years.

I said.
That's a good run. Have they treated you well?

He nodded emphatically.
Five weeks of vacation a year. That's not including fifteen paid holidays. So are they a good company to work for? Absolutely.

he echoed himself, and shook his head, which seemed to mean the same thing as a nod:
They're one of the good ones. Couldn't ask for a better company to work for.

That's really cool.
I said.
I like to hear that. I think I'll keep giving you guys my business.

We finished up, and he finally smiled as I left.

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