CONVERSATIONS. Costco, ethics, longevity.

How's your day going?
I asked the Costco checker.

I'm just so glad to be here.
she said, deadpan.

I said.
Are you serious? I'm not sure if you're serious, because it is 80-plus degrees outside and there's air conditioning in here, so that's kind of nice.
Right? Or were you being sarcastic?

she said.
It just started getting cool in here a little while ago. But I'm glad to have a job. That's good. I'm glad for that.

I said.
Do they treat you well?

Oh yeah,
she said, animatedly.
They do. They're very good to work for.

I said.
I'm really glad to hear that.

And I said goodbye, and headed to the exit with my receipt, which they scribbled a star on, and then I left to go to my car and I glanced at the Walmart up and across the road as I drove past with the windows down and Nancy Sinatra cranked.

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