80% of the Minimum You Need to Know About the Vikings in Seven Minutes.

Just a heads up: I will be posting a link shortly to a presentation* I did in collaboration with two other scholars** about Viking history, civilization, and culture. It's not especially enlightening or interesting, but it does contain about 80% of the minimum you ought to know about the topic. I'll post it in the next 30 minutes. I would recommend watching about half of it, but not necessarily in order, so you can get at least to 40% proficiency in knowledgeably discussing this era. See you shortly. Au revoir.

*in our living room 

**our children

I have already caught two egregious and unforgivable errors perpetuated by myself inadvertently within this presentation. Got a little rattled by my hostile co-presenters. I am so irked. See if you can spot my mistakes. And forgive me. But know that you will still learn somewhere between 67-78 percent of the minimum you should know about Vikings within this video. 


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