he asked.
-When am I going to be a baby?

His omniscient sibling broke in:
- You're actually never going to be a baby again.

He dropped his head.
- I want to be a baby again.

-Why do you want to be a baby again?
I asked.

He looked up with a wink of a smile.
- Because I want to be cute again.

His sister and I looked at each other, then at him.
- You ARE cute!
I said.

His grin spread.
- But when I was a baby I was cuter than I am now. That's why I want to be a baby again sometime.

- Buddy,
I said.
- When you're 72 years old we're probably still going to think you're cute. So, I am giving you a big hug, because you're cute. 

His sister followed suit.

And then we made caramel peanut butter soy ice cream almond milk iced drinks and started painting cute pictures of dragons with laser eyes for weapons, which are, like, totally the cutest thing ever.

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