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How is your morning going?
I asked the barista.

Pretty good.
She said.
I'll be off in an hour, and then I'm going to watch movies all day.

I said.
What are you going to watch?

I got some five dollar movies at Walmart.
She said.
I got The Wild West with Will Smith...

...and Kenneth Branagh.
I added.

Yep. I used to have it on VHS but
I don't have a player for it now. And then...some Looney Tunes. They help me go to sleep. What are you doing this morning?

I said.
I teach a couple classes and so I'm going to get some things prepped for next year.

She said.
That's cool. I had a history teacher in high school. He was so cool. I'd skip all the time and he didn't even care. As long as I got the work in he was fine with it. He was really cool.

I said.
I'm not completely sure I agree, but have fun with the movies!

And I drove away, with some very good coffee, which she has learned to make very well. For my birthday, I would kind of like to watch films all day. But probably not The Wild Wild West. Also, to preempt any questions, my birthday is in September.

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