(I am probably one of the bravest people in this image.)

p-cred: Becca Nutter Long 

"...and help us to have pleasant dreams tonight. Amen,"
I said hurriedly on auto pilot; my mind already preoccupied with other things as we went through pre-bedtime rituals.

- "DADDY!!"
our daughter interrupted indignantly.
"You forgot to even pray for the people in Syria and the Ukraine!"

Accountability: one of the best things about having children. 

I slowed down, and brought myself back into being in the moment, and internally patted myself on the back for raising kids who will confront apathy, even (or especially) when it's their own parents. It is, however, challenging when you reach the point when you're being consistently intellectually out-maneuvered by someone a sixth your age.

"...and especially be with those in Sudan, Nigeria, Korea, Syria, and the Ukraine,"
I peeked open my eyes to see my daughter's lids also open; fact-checking intently to make sure I covered the bases this time.

I nodded, and continued.
"And thank you that our children have such incredible parents who will always be smarter than their children. Amen."

God laughs, and plays too.

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