Sometimes when I was younger, I would worry that my mom might forget about me, or lose me, and that is why I developed an interest in creating systems and processes that solve recurring problems such as this, as illustrated here. The genius of my system has been validated in the decades since, as my mom has rarely forgotten about me, and has always gotten my back, although she's not strong enough anymore to carry me around anymore in a backpack, which is sad and makes me question her physical endurance. 

Mom, there are so many liars out there today that I don't want to compete with, so I'm going to avoid using the B-word and just say: thanks for not merely teaching your kids how to win at games other people have invented, but to create our own games, thus perpetually ensuring success. I still wish you would have taught me how to win at basketball though, because it would feel good to be the best basketball player in the world, and I'm not, so that's definitely an area where you could have done better. Aside from that, you have performed competently, with flashes of magnificence, and in many ways, you remind me of a really good mom, and actually you are. Thanks, and we've got your back too. HMD.

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