I know parents who, after consulting the experts, have very carefully spaced their children out to ensure the right amount between each.

There is nineteen years between me and my youngest sister, who is now a senior in high school. Next month she graduates.

She called me this afternoon and asked if we could hang out. So we spent the afternoon caving*, along with my children and other friends (thank you, Trevor and Tina for putting it together).

My sister, in the final weeks of her final year, surrounded by any number of social options and friends, spent the afternoon with. Me. Us.

A lot of my disinterest in the dynamics of age disparity in friendships and relationships come from having the siblings I do. Almost twenty years apart; half my age, and this is what we got. Different lives, different priorities, different goals and friends and viewpoints, but always a rock-solid love of just being able to hang out, have good conversation, and laugh loud. I have known this person her entire life; her entire childhood, but I don't recall there ever being a specific point where I thought: "now we can be friends." It seems like it's always been that way. 

You are so rad, Lanessa Long. When I am a hundred, you will be only eighty-one, so hopefully you'll still have your drivers license, because I'm sure mine will have been confiscated decades before at that point. Or, we could just get Segways.

A good day. Thanks for hanging out.

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