Goodnight buddy,
I said.
Sleep tight. Anything else you need?

He looked up with caffeine eyes and Huck Finn grin:
- "Umm, I just need water, and my sword, and can you get my battle axe? And...can you turn on some Christmas lights? And...can you put some music on my record player? Something I like, not something that I'm learning to like. And...can I have a book?

How about I get you some water and turn on some Brahms and we call it good?

- Okay. But tomorrow can you build me another battle axe? But not just a battle axe: a battle axe that is cooler than any other battle axe in the whole world, can you build it tomorrow?

Umm, let's chat in the morning.

- Okay. But can I please have my blanket and also I have to go potty.

Alright buddy.
I said.

The monumental enthusiasm of being alive, even as slumber is a few record spins away.

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