Happy April, all. A few updates, as we look ahead to the rest of the year: 

- I may be co-writing a screenplay with J.J. Abrams and the Nolan Brothers, but nothing is finalized. There's a chance I'll just be working on it by myself. Stay tuned.

- We'll be on holiday in a very special part of the world later this year, and hint: we will be very close to crocodiles and giraffes. Stay tuned.

- I will be (finally) beginning my martial arts training, starting soon, from one of the top senseis in the world. I don't know who it actually will be, but I will find him (or her) on YouTube. Stay tuned.

- It appears that my wife is with child, and it appears that I may have had something to do with her getting that way, and it appears that October will be a busy month. Stay tuned.

- I have finally begun work on my album. Or rather, I have written lyrics for one track; music to follow. It is happening very slowly, in the cracks of time. Looking at a late-2020s release. I tend to plan for the long term. Folksy electro-driven hip hop. One track written. Stay tuned.

Thanks for being in tune. Au revoir.

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