He asked, his hands already burdened with the scientific instruments he was about to request permission to use.
"I'm doing a science experiment so I need water and a bowl and scissors and rope and glitter and an ice cube."

- Okay.
I said.
I assume that's why you're opening the freezer?

"Yep. I'm getting an ice cube."

- Okay.
I said.
And what is your hypothesis; what are you trying to learn here?

"I want,"
he said.
"To find out if the ice cube will melt."

- Oh.
I said.
And continued to keep an eye on the progress of his empirical study, which also involved many trips to the sink to add more water. 

I have the feeling a breakthrough is imminent.

I love science, especially Newton's Third Law of Motion, and also young scientists who experiment incessantly.


Going into the 4th quarter, I'd have to say that "LeMarcus" sounds like a viable name for our upcoming child, regardless of gender. Wow. On fire.

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