FIVE THINGS: Copy of a Divergent YouTube Bandits.

1. Has Nine Inch Nails ever recorded a catchier, popper song than Copy of a ?
No. So good.

2. Just finished Insurgent, second in the Divergent series. Impressive follow-up. A murky plot line that does not fulfill all expectations and keeps you guessing, while dealing with occasionally thoughtful insights into the human condition.

3. When I was a kid, I surreptitiously read Hardy Boys books after bedtime by flashlight. I was very sneaky.

Three decades later, I just walked in on my own children - after bedtime - huddled up in bed surreptitiously watching Franz Ferdinand music videos on an absconded iPad. 

Clever comments about payback not welcome. A big boo for self-sufficiency. Self-sufficiency was necessary when I was a child. Now, children should be okay relying on their parents to help out with things like, oh, Boolean searches on Google. Literacy is so frustrating.

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