I stopped by to see my friend Art at the music store this afternoon; took coffee & donut from Blue Star and got a few of his current listening faves:

* The Men - Tomorrow's Hits
* Real Estate - Atlas
* Hospitality - Trouble
* Angel Olsen - Burn Your Fire for No Witness ("think...that old Patsy Cline sound")

We also spoke briefly of Neil Finn and his recent record, Dizzy Heights, which neither of us has heard yet.

Blue Star Donuts. What a place. Great donuts, great music, great coffee, great location, great people. Saw Christian this afternoon, who remembered me amidst the many people who pass through.

"Where's the kids?"
He asked.

With their mom at Powell's,
I explained.

We chatted music for a couple minutes, told him about our October arrival, etcetera. Sent me away with a complementary chocolate hazelnut donut.
Have I mentioned I LOVE Blue Star?

SW 13th & Washington.

Becca finished up day two of the dental convention. So proud of her and the pride she takes in her profession and in being enthusiastic about learning and ongoing education.


I have a special place in my heart for rambunctious, loud old women, even when they check me out and make suggestive remarks, and in the case of one, wink at me in the coffee shop and laugh raucously, which is why I smiled back and waved even though they totally objectified me. I am more than a pretty face. But, they were kind of adorable themselves, so...we'll call it even this time around.

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