I have been working with the children on story structure, and specifically the importance of developing plots that are consistent with the intrinsic motivations of the primary characters. This was my son's effort today. Reminiscent of Shyamalan's The Village, sort of, with shifting protagonists, and a muddied middle act, but I think he grabs us with the ending. Here it is below:

Once upon a time, there was a shark.
And it was a huge shark.
It weighed eight pounds.
It ate a fish,
and then it ate a whale's tail.
The whale got on the beach
and was tied up,
and then smoke got in his lung.
And he died.
The end.

So, there's that. Deus ex machina leaves the door open for a sequel, which would not surprise me terribly. 

Anyway, I'll pass along your comments and feedback. Thanks.

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