I have been extraordinarily mean and frustrating to our son; requiring him to make up his own Star Wars stories, as opposed to him absorbing the canon (yet).

I may have to re-think this, as a number of his recent tales - which are monumentally thrilling and original - end with...

"...and then Luke and Princess Leia get married."

Luke and Leia. 

"I don't want to impose my authorship upon your stories,"
I say kindly.
"But no. Luke and Leia do not get married. Not gonna happen. How about...Leia and Han? Or even...Leia and Jabba the Hutt? Could be funny."

- "No."
he says with finality.
"Princess Leia and Luke get married."

I sigh, and wonder where he learned to be frustrating. Probably from his mother.

May the Force be with you on this

Just to be safe, always carry a flashlight at night, and when traveling, "always arrange to hire a limousine or rent a mule rather than take a bus to your destination." Also, it's much safer to get a companion fare for big slides.

the quotes portion:
The Vile Village, p. 20
Book the Seventh by Lemony Snicket

Happy snow, Northwest.

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