We waited until after our children were born to name them, so I see no reason to be hasty about making New Year's resolution lists. Maybe this weekend. Maybe. Don't wanna rush it. The whole tortoise vs. bunny thing. Unless you're a sprinter with fast-twitch muscle fibers like Jesse Owens, who won FOUR GOLD MEDALS in 1936 on Hitler's home turf while the little dictator watched in fury. Still one of my favourite sports stories ever. So, in the spirit of Jesse Owens, I have not made a list of resolutions yet. I think it makes sense, as one of America's greatest Presidents, Jed Bartlett, once said:

"Post hoc, ergo propter hoc."

Which is Latin, also one of my favourite dead languages. 

Happy #3 of two-zero-one-four, one of my favourite years. To the fleet of foot off the starting block goes the gold, unless you're running a marathon, which Mr. Owens never did, sadly. Happy day. Go listen to some Turtles now.

So happy together.

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