The problem with so many athletes today is that they don't understand mathematics. 

"What is your plan for the big game today?"

- "Well, you know, uhh, I'm just gonna go out there and give it a hundred and fifteen percent."

Hundred and fifteen, huh?
Why not a hundred and sixteen?
Why not two hundred?
Why not...a thousand percent?

It's chest-thumping posturing with numbers, and unfortunately, the only thing you have to do with the highest number you can think of is...add one more.

How about a return to the simple, accurate ideal of giving something...one hundred percent.

Or fine...I can live with a hundred and one. But stop trying to prove how committed you are, or how high you can count by verbally escalating your plans before every game.

And don't get me started on 4.5 GPAs.

Go footballers! I hear there's a big match on today! Go give it a billion percent, men in tights!

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