I had the greatest conversation with a cop yesterday! I was wearing my blue hat (which is largely irrelevant) and this officer must have liked it because he asked to chat with me (by using his lights and siren to get my attention).

"Hi Officer!"
(I said)
"How's it going?"
(We chatted a bit, and he pointed out some things I could do better in the future, for which I was appreciative).

Also, he asked (just as a formality) if he could take a look at my license, insurance, and registration (I was nervous, because my actual weight disagrees with my license by five pounds*). Funny thing was, I couldn't find my CURRENT insurance card, so it took me FOREVER to go through the stack of papers piled up in the glovebox. He was exceptionally good-natured and helpful, and it was kinda great because all the time it took to look for the "right"** papers gave us a bit of extra time to chat. He is off to "an okay" New Year. 

My daughter was with me, absorbing it all, and I (truly) was so appreciative of how professional and respectful Officer Handley was. I believe so strongly in the power that childhood impressions can have on a person's worldview for years to come; I was grateful for the positive, kind interaction he had with my daughter present. She noticed. And will likely remember. Thank you.

Next time I see you driving around, maybe I'll pull you over to chat (where can I get some lights for my automobile?).


Joseph Long


**these quotation marks are completely unnecessary

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