"Can I tell you a secret?"
I asked my son affectionately, not waiting for a response to proceed:
"I really like building LEGO sculptures with you."

Didn't skip rhythm as his tiny fingers squirmed together a mass of bricks:
"Thank you Mr. Hobbit,"
he murmured. "Do you want to build part of the prison?"

Time and time again, he will build these elaborate structures that are too beautiful and unique and detailed to support their own weight...and inevitably come crashing down.

And time and time again when this happens, his response is immediate and consistent:
"It's okay...we can fix it!"

I go into this day, on yet another day, inspired by the spirit and resolute positivity of the elves. Small and stature and giant in personality, they are constant reminders of the magic that envelops the world when you stop. And just. Play. Play in the moment.

Well, off to work I go!

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