Nothing screams "Christmas!" quite like 1982's classic film The Scarlet Pimpernel. Intrigue, romance, and beheadings galore. Tarantino would have a heyday reinterpreting it. Anyway. Minus the guillotining, it's a great family film, if a little dense to follow, what with the baroque French wardrobes, elegant surnames, and shifting allegiances in bloody revolutionary France. We've been watching the 142-minute epic in installments, and our son's recent question was:

"Why are they kissing with their mouths open?"

(Jane Seymour is a stunning presence.)

Maybe you're wondering what we replied. I don't remember exactly, but it was probably the perfect answer. Because that's what people in love do, especially if they practice good oral hygiene.

I have been listening to a lot of Bastille and Empire of the Sun this week, in between Christmas tunes. Thanks for the intro to the latter, Meilani  I love discovering new artists who have discovered old music. In these cases, old '80s synth, reinvented with giant beats and incredible hooks. Any O.M.D. fans? Yum.

3a. My son refused to hold his sister's hand crossing the street today because "her hands are too little."

I promised him they will grow. Reluctantly, he acquiesced.

3b. Things that my son said to me today:

"I like Mama more than I like you, Daddy."

3c. Things that I said to my son today:

"Guess which child I like the most?

- "Who?"
he asked.

"I like your sister the most,"
I said.
"And also, I like you the most."

And that's true.

We went to our local library tonight to make Christmas wreaths, something I have never done before, but discovered I have an astonishing level of skill at doing. Basically, it's like knitting with branches and holly and wire, and it was crowded with many folks from the community snipping and wiring and working away. Plus, free cookies, which I have no willpower for turning down. 

Also, I checked out the sequel to Ender's Game, which I intend to read quickly, unless I get too caught up in other stuff. Like wreathing.

I love libraries.
And December.
And stories about the French Revolution.

Happy holiday, everyone. Kiss someone this week.

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