I love cinema, and I love watching films with my wife, and we have not yet seen Gravity, and she just informed me that an anonymous person revealed a major plot point to her. Furious, unconscionable, unforgivable. 

Here are four other of my pet peeves, since you are curious:

2. People tugging on my clothes, as many of my favourite shirts are a decade or so old and getting rather fragile. Most clothes-tuggers are under the age of seven, but I don't care if they're cute or not, I still reserve the right to get irritated at them when they pull on my clothes. Note: I am okay with spilling stuff on my clothes, because I am a messy eater anyway so it would be hypocritical to get upset over people doing that. But I don't tug on other people's clothes, besides my own dad's, because it is a pet peeve of his and it's funny.

3. When I'm driving and stop to let people cross, regardless of whether there's a crosswalk or not. Yes, it's the law to stop, but there is also in an unwritten social law that you wave, nod, smile, or acknowledge in some way when someone lets you pass. See also: merging vehicles, four-way stops, door-holding, etc. A simple nod, a simple smile without breaking stride is just fine. Doing nothing? Not fine.

5a. Restrooms where the women's has baby changing stations and the men's doesn't. This is the 21st century.

5c. When people don't want to do something unless they're already good at it, and thus are assured of success or at least avoiding public embarrassment. Boring, sad.

7. Things that are colour-coded in similar shades of green, which is frustrating to red-green colourblind people, whom I have heard exist.

VIII. When anything in our house breaks, and also whenever I am looking for something and can't find it and there is nobody close by to blame. 

Tip of the iceberg. Good day.

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