The only bedtime lullaby that might possibly be better than Andreas Bocelli singing goodnight to Elmo might be...Ricky Gervais singing goodnight to Elmo. 

I love Arcade Fire, but sometimes I feel sad for them because despite every ambitious and visionary album they do for the rest of their career, I'm not sure they'll ever create a breathtaking masterpiece as beautiful as 2003's Funeral. Although, as my brother Jeremy has pointed out, the vocals could be brought up in the mix.

Go watch the video for Rebellion before bedtime. 

An ugly black truck passed me on the mountain against a double yellow line in the rain. Plate: B9372something-something. I hope their cassette player player stops working and their horn gets jammed and their radio will play nothing but Aaron Neville at earsplitting volume. 

I walked into the busy coffee shop. Been a week or two. Several employees working. Got one of THE NICEST, most resounding welcomes I have ever gotten in a coffee shop from several of them. Like a long-lost family member returning home. Maybe it sounds overboard, but it was such a heartwarming, authentic greeting and I loved it and what a great reminder to make a big deal out of hellos and goodbyes. Alas, no free drink. Warm greetings stop at the wallet.

I am thrilled that my wife has had such a splendid time running around in pirate regalia all day with our children. But now that they are in bed, I am having difficulty getting her to remove her pirate hat and put away her scimitar. This is my life.

5. My son and I have lots of good times, but lately he thinks that no one is cooler than his Mom, so my attempts this evening to involve myself with some of their pirate shenanigans have gone largely rebuffed by him, making me feel incredibly uncool. But the last words murmured as I tucked him in and started to leave his room:

"Daddy. I really like you."

- "I really like you too,"
I whispered.

There is a piece of pumpkin cheesecake sitting in our refrigerator and I think Becca wants me to do something with it, because it is still there.

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