Sweet November, In Which I Will Get a Very Expensive Birthday Present Two Months Late

I am so excited for next month. In reverse order, what I am excited about:

5. The time change. Long evenings mean more UNO, more films, more holiday lights, and more good reasons for not exercising.

4. One month closer to the 2016 Olympics, though I still need to get a press pass and plane ticket. I am fully prepared, except for also needing a comped hotel in Rio. News organizations: I am available for hire to cover this event. Seriously. 

3. Jonny and I will be partway through scripting our first sci-fi film: a very short love story that we are readying for June 2014.

Also, I never saw the Keanu Reeve movie about November, but I heard it was horrid and I totally trust people's recommendations about movies.

5. My birthday usually rolls around in September.
In November, one of my favourite people in the solar system will be here. Which is cause for joy, partially because I miss him and am looking forward to watching Down by Law with him, but MOSTLY because he promised me on the phone,
on my birthday,
that when he comes up,
he is going to buy me a coffee.
For my birthday.

I quickly exploited this statement, 
and ensured that it turned into a promise, and from there guaranteed him that I will do everything in my
power to make it the most expensive cup of coffee I have ever drunk. Drank? Drinken? Anyway.

The point is that in the spirit of CrossFit, which I do not do, but in the same spirit of accountability, I would like to publicly help my brother Jeremy honor his commitment to me. And I would also like any suggestions for places to get very, very expensive coffee in Portland.
It doesn't even have to be very good. Just very expensive. I'm so excited about my birthday!

Thank you, and Jeremy, I am so excited to see you!! Work hard this week!


...What are you listening to this week?
I asked the Brennan the barista.

"Dom Kennedy,"
he said. "You know him?"

- "I do not."
I said.

"He's pretty new. Hip hop, L.A., really good."

- "Hmm,"
I said.
"I am rather particular with my hip hop. It all comes back to Public Enemy for me. But I like some newer stuff...Das Racist, Roots, the Streets."

"Then I think you'll definitely like Dom Kennedy. 'Get Home Safely' is the album you wanna hear. Just came out. And I hear the new Arcade Fire is pretty good."

- "Yeah,"
I said.
"I should probably buy that for my wife today, 'cause she really loves Arcade Fire."

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