Safecracking Doorcracker

Becca and I got into a dreadful argument this evening over two disconnected things:

1. She kept saying "I'm a good pick-locker," instead of the correct "I'm a good lock-picker."

2. The issue was over who the better lock-picker was. REWIND: our son accidentally locked a bedroom door shut and so of course I thought I should try picking the lock before batter-ramming it down, and our daughter made the unkind remark that "Mama is better at picking locks than you," which then led to an extraordinary disagreement over who was better at picking locks.

What happened next continues to be upsetting, but the way I remember it is that I was warming up the pistons and spring thingies inside the door handle lockie, just kind of warming things up for five minutes or so, so that when Becca got her turn, things were pretty much already done and I had the interior lockie things all ready to spring open. Unfortunately, the only portion our children observed was that SHE was the one who got it unlocked, thus validating her boastful claim.

Because my family has turned on me, I could use some validation to even the score that someone who is good at opening locked doors* is a LOCK-PICKER, and not a PICK-LOCKER. If you agree with me, then (just to keep it simple), write "yes" in the comments. If you agree with my wife, then (just to keep it simple) write in Sanskrit "I agree with Becca, even though it sounds ridiculous." It must be in Sanskrit to count as a vote, with correct spelling and conjugation.

Have a good night

*like me

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