In Which I Chat With My Son About Getting Older and About Appropriate Role Models

SCENE: our children, dancing and flouncing around the living room with swords, chanting "Jar Jar Binks, Jar Jar Binks, Jar Jar Binks**!" In an enthusiastic inflection that would lead one to believe that Jar Jar Binks was their Simon Bolivar, with them being Bolivia.

I said, with great condescension,
"Let's talk about heroes. Who is one of your actual heroes?"

My son did not hesitate. 
- "Luke Skywalker's father."

"Do you know who Luke Skywalker's father is?"

- "Yep. Darth Vader."

"Then why didn't you just say 'Darth

- "Because I wanted to call him 'Luke Skywalker's father.' And another one of my heroes is Darth Maul."

"How about some real heroes; some heroes that are real and not imaginary?"

Huge grin.
- "Umm...Darth Vader and Darth
Maul. They're actually real, Daddy."

"No they're not. And neither is Jar
Jar Binks. He, especially, is not a hero; he is a rather...annoying character. It is very sad that you would think he is a hero."

- "Well I like him."


- "When can I watch them, Daddy?"

"When you're eighteen."

- "Eighteen? Are you joking?"

"How old do YOU think you should be to watch them?"

- "Three."


I am thirty-seven, so I may wear a cape today. Because I can.

**this knowledge is gleaned from a hardcover Star Wars encyclopedia they tag-teamed on picking up at the library and have been poring over 

*composited from several mini-conversations over the space of an evening 

Good day, all.

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