FIVE THINGS That Made Me Smile This Weekend (Vikings, Robots, and Apple Crisp)

1. My children arguing about who is more left-handed. Reality: neither one, unfortunately. I have rarely been more proud though, for their simple
DESIRE to be southpaws. I am so sorry, children, that our genetics failed you. 

2. My son's discovery that his beloved scimitar (a type of curved sword) fits perfectly in the waistband of his underwear, particularly if unencumbered by pants. It
Is difficult to be in foul spirits when an elf warrior wearing a Viking helmet is chasing you around with a scimitar stuck down his underwear begging you to swordfight with him.

Vader vs. Viking (shot by Countess Becca)

3. We hit the open road in our automobile this weekend, and in a rare moment of generosity I would like to publicly give my wife an A+ for her travel snack pack she assembled. All bought with love and a few dollars from Trader Joe's.
A. Chopped yellow and red peppers.
B. Black and green olive hummus
C. Snap peas
D. Vegan trail mix cookies
E. Thai chili and lime cashews 
F. Grape tomatoes 

4. Watched An American Tale. Know how old it is? TWENTY-SEVEN YEARS OLD. Feels like my first brush with mortality. Wow...anyway, it held up well, considering it's been decades since I last saw it. It feels like one of the last traditional, sincere animated features. Not in a good or a bad way; I enjoy the snappy, self-aware, cultural referencing of today's animated films, but it's also enjoyable to experience that classic sensibility of earnest humor that exists more in its own universe, rather than acknowledging and referencing others. I think it would make a fine double feature with Ratatouille

5. I guess it's football season. I used to love football. I used to know a lot about professional sports. Matter of fact, I still do, as long as we're discussing the period from about 1985 to 1993. I've been planning to get back into the sports. In fact, I told my wife I'm going to be picking up a new hobby next year: sports or video games. I think she's very excited for me. Matter of fact, I already bought a game. Pacman. Goodwill, three dollars, plugs right into the telly, coolest thing ever. And I've already made it to the third level. Or maybe it was the second. No matter. I think she is quite excited for me. She played Pacman also, but she is not very good.

Also, I watched Pacific Rim (directed by Guillermo del Toro), and I enjoyed it, but it is nowhere near the movie that his Pan's Labyrinth was. THAT was a film from an auteur; someone out to make a different kind of film than anyone else. Rim, despite some moments and impressive robotics, was still more of a Transformers for adults, by way of Aliens. 

Also, my sister made some killer apple crisp. I had seconds, and thirds, and breakfast. 

Jolly weekend end, all 

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