Change.or, In Which I Am Bullied

Less than an hour ago, I was bullied. This is my story.

I woke up, sleepy and disgruntled over the disruption of my dream involving me and Bruce Willis running a lemonade stand franchise. The air was Antarctic; the heater repair people are coming next week. I stumbled to the shower and turned the nozzle. Good things come to those who wait*, like hot water.

This is What Happened Next.
I waited for the water to get hot, and suddenly, this horrid person came up behind me and shoved me -yes, you read that correctly - PHYSICALLY SHOVED ME into the shower, simultaneously saying:
"Get in. It's hot enough."

I almost lost my balance and injured myself, but that paled in comparison to the glacier stream blasting from the nozzle. The scream trapped in my throat because my body was already freezing up from paralysis. I tried to get out but she slammed** the shower door so I couldn't get out. I shivered with courage.

Skip to the End.
I made it. I survived, but even when I went to get out at the end, she ordered me to stay in until I was completely dry "...because I have my socks on and I don't want water on the floor."

I stood there, dripping and alone, just my thoughts and a tiny towel, wandering how many times this happens every day. How many times does a wife push her husband into a cold shower, imprison him in it, and refuse to let him out until "he's dried off?"

I am unaware of there being any more serious issue in our country right now than THIS. I would like to start a petition to make people aware and to start the process for change. Can somebody fax me a website that will help get this ball rolling? Change has to happen NOW.

"Every journey begins with a first step, unless you're riding a unicycle."

-Joseph Long

Let's make this happen, people. Stop the madness.****

And have a jolly Friday. It's too late for me.


*I think I made this phrase up 
****I think I made this up

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