Triplets Minus One

Some of the Longs, plus Enrique Gomez and the Labonte family

Met one of the greatest little families recently. In the course of hanging out, I asked the boy how old he was. Turns out he's six. Same age as our daughter. So of course I asked when his birthday was. Turns out he turned six in July. Like our daughter. So then, of course, we had to find out what DAY in July. Turns out his birthday is July 9.

Exactly like our daughter.

After further dialogue with his mom, who remembers his birth more vividly than him, it turned out that he is a few hours older than our daughter. So I have been referring to them as the Long Lost Twins.

They were SUCH good sports when I asked them to let me snap off a few shots. Thank you, Nolan and Magdelana. You are kind, enthusiastic, stunning specimens of the human species. May our paths cross again very soon.

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