The Plus Side of Apathy

A performer generally wants attention.

When a performer receives attention for something they do, whether it's good or bad...it is often GREAT for them. Because it means they've captured people's attention.

Which makes the incentive to "push the edges" in the usual boring ways (graphic unmotivated depictions of sexual content and violence) so powerful from an attention-grabbing standpoint: THOSE ARE EASY WAYS TO GET ATTENTION WITHOUT HAVING TO FOCUS ON CREATING SOMETHING SUBSTANTIVE, WHETHER IT'S FILM OR...MUSIC. 

So if you're against something, stop RESPECTING it by
acknowledging it. Stop giving it attention. And whatever you do....do NOT give a good soundbite about something being offensive. That is Attention. 

Try these words instead: Boring. Uninspired. Uninteresting. Cliche. And then move on and GIVE YOUR ATTENTION AND CONVERSATION TO SOMETHING OR SOMEONE OF VALUE. The Joseph Arthurs and Wes Andersons and Neko Cases and Jane Campions of the world. 

Controversy is attention. And attention sells in a crowded world. As long as something is selling, those easy ways of getting attention will continue to
proliferate. So instead of pointing your finger in disgust,

Turn your back in apathy. In weary apathy for the same audience-disrespecting, vapid, uninteresting cliches being committed yet again.

And go watch Amelie so your soul can be filled with love for humanity again.

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