One Out of Two is a Good Field Goal Percentage, But Not Such a Solid Test Score

My son asked casually if I would give him a machete and flashlight to help defend against the robbers who might be coming tonight. 

"We need to buy more batteries,"
I said kindly.
"But of course I'd be fine putting a machete under your pillow if that would help you sleep better."

He fell asleep too early though, so wish our household good luck through the night as my son tries to slumber minus a machete. Ideally his premonition was incorrect, but if worst comes to worst I have some dead batteries I can throw very hard. I will recycle afterwards. I don't care for robbers. Remind me to share some of my booby trap ideas sometime.

Happy weekend, all non-robbers.


The only thing better than watching Star Wars movies in the living room is reading Star Wars books in the forest.

About 17 years ago, I started buying action figures and books I liked for the kids I knew I would someday have. Remember KB Toy & Hobby? Yeah, they had clearance stuff all the time. So now that I actually have kids, I pull something out once in a while. This weekend seemed like a good time to pass along my three Star Wars paperbacks. Good may your day be.

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