Jelly Beans and Chocolate Mangos

I do a lot of things behind my wife's back. 

Pretty much one hundred percent of those things involve me trying to eat junk food, or as a I call it, healthy food, because candy makes me happy and emotional health is not to be undervalued. Anyway, every once in a while, she gets hit with the same sugar cravings that I deal with around the clock. And it just makes my day. 

So here we are, almost 11pm, and she is pulling out the jelly beans and chocolate covered mangoes like there is no tomorrow. And I am stuffing them down like there is no tomorrow.

Because tomorrow will be back to normal and the happiness will be locked up. C'est la vie, world, we are candy-partying hard tonight. Becca, every once 
in a while, you are extra rad, and root beer sure sounds good right now.

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