Dragon Tattoos and Ghost Dogs

The girl with no tattoo who walked amongst dragons in the fiery lava.

Ghost Dog (Le Samouraï, or, Way of the Samurai)

For a bit, my son became mildly enchanted with this blade: a disposable piece not suitable to be carried seriously by him, Connor Macleod, or any Wu-Tang affiliate. Shortly thereafter, he began clamoring for his wood sword again: yes, the WOOD SWORD I lovingly and painstakingly handcrafted for him in five minutes several months ago. It has been through many duels and left me with lifelong scarred knuckles, and it has retained its character and strength. 

(not pictured)

Quality, people. Quality. Handcrafted quality. That's where it's at. If you have a machining business and are able to make my son a high-carbon sword (preferably 1075 or 5160 steel) then please let me know, and I will pay you up to $10 for one.


(Be nice to the little pigeons.)

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