CONVERSATIONS WITH ART: Pure Bathing Culture, Califone, No Age, Sea of Bees

Once a week, I call my friend Art, except for when I forget, which I have done the past couple weeks. I haven't met him yet, except over the phone. He works at a Portland music store and has interesting taste in music.


"Hi, is Art there?"

- "Yeah."

I wait a few moments. Background music, good music, but I can't tell who or what. A familiar voice breaks on.

- "This is Art."

"Hey Art, it's Joseph."

- "Oh hey."

"Just wondering what recommendations you have this week."

He thinks carefully, deliberately, which I always appreciate.

- "Let's see…have I told you about Pure Bathing Culture?"


- "Oh, they're…local, electronic. A little like Beach House. Nice female vocals. And…have I mentioned Califone? 

"No. I like Beach House though."

- "Califone is from Chicago. They've got a new CD that's good. A little electronic, a little folk pop. Interesting experimentation.

"I'll take a listen. Sounds good."

- "What else…how about No Age? 

"Haven't heard 'em."

- " 'An Object' is their latest. Heavier. Interesting instrumentals."

"Right on. I'm especially interested to hear Pure Bathing Culture, who I am not familiar with. And I was going to give you a recommendation - are you familiar with Sea of Bees?"

- "No…"
Art says.

"Well, it's basically the moniker of "Jules," who crafts the most delicious, gorgeous little songs. In the same universe as Cat Power, but definitely her own sound and voice. Both her albums are excellent."

- "Okay, she sounds interesting."

"Yeah. Oh, and I'm gonna try and swing by in the next couple weeks. How many of you guys usually work there?"

- "Just me and one other."

"Okay, cool. You guys do doughnuts, coffee, that deal?"

- "I drink coffee. My co-worker does energy drinks. We both like doughnuts."

"Alright. Well, good talking and chat with you soon. Take it easy, Art."

- "Yeah, you too."



Art. What a fantastic fellow. Off to find some Califone.

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